Organized Mom on January 4th, 2010

Each evening, my living room looks like a bomb went off in it. We don’t have much of a dining room, so my son’s high chair is next to the couch. And he’s in the loves-to-throw-food stage. Kix. Cheerios. Toast. Various veggies. They’re all over the place. The kid has some range.

For quick cleanups, two little items have been indispensable. I use them daily. They’re quick, require no power (and therefore are quiet!) and are super easy to use.

They are my little sweeper and a broom/dustpan combo.

oxo upright sweep set The set I have is similar to this one by Oxo, but I couldn’t find it online. Hence, this pic of the Oxo Good Grips Upright Sweep Set ($24.99). We call ours a disneyland kit, because it looks a lot like the ones you see workers carrying around disney to sweep up small bits of trash. Yes, I do use this on my carpet when needed, to sweep up bigger bits of food that the sweeper won’t get. It saves my back – I can’t keep bending over and bunch of times. It just kills me. So this little guy helps a lot.

Bissell perfect sweep dual brush sweeper The second item is my sweeper. You see them used a lot in restaurants for quick cleanups. And it really is awesome. It picks up all of those little pieces of cereal that he just loves to toss around. And that I hate to step on and crush into the carpet. Especially the slightly damp ones. Ick! So this Bissell Perfect Sweep Dual Brush Sweeper ($59.99) is similar to the one I got at Target. Mine definitely has the dual brushes, but I don’t remember paying as much as I saw it for at Amazon. It’s possible you’ll be able to find it cheaper. I saw another model, the Bissell Swift Sweep ($16.99) that is much more affordable.

These two little guys have saved my sanity more than once. There’s something about running over the carpet quickly and immediately seeing a difference. It makes you feel like you accomplished at least one little task that day. And some days, that is about all I feel like I get done off of my list.

What about you?

Images: Amazon. com; these are items I use in my household and not a paid placement. Links are from my Amazon affiliate acct.

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