Organized Mom on December 7th, 2009

Gadgets can be a lot of fun. Isn’t it cool to find something new? But some gadgets, while nice, are really just unitaskers. What’s a unitasker? It’s an item that only performs one function. That’s it. Beyond that one small purpose, it’s really useless.

Admittedly, we all probably have some things that are suited to only one task. It can’t be helped. I probably have some in my kitchen right now.

But tasks that only get done once in a while, say once a month, don’t really need a special gadget. Do you have a fancy item – maybe something bought off of an infomercial or QVC – that only serves one small purpose? Or maybe not much of a purpose at all?

What items do you have in your home that only get used once a month or less? Why do you keep them? Maybe it’s time to reduce the clutter and get rid of unused things.

I have a large, decorative bowl that came with a lovely sauce holder. I never use it. It will be coming with me to my mother’s house next trip. She has get-togethers and parties. We don’t have the room for them. So rather than store this bowl, I want it to get used. And it will.

Untouched margarita glasses are next on the list. As are a bunch of books. Outgrown clothing. Unused handbags and totes. It’s time to reduce clutter to make room for a bigger baby bed and all of the toys and things that will be coming home with us after Christmas.

That’s next on my list. What’s next on yours?

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  1. A suggestion for used books: swap them for books you’d like to read. is a great place to share your old books and get new ones to read or to keep.

  2. Chantel, that’s a great idea. I keep meaning to try them (paperbackswap) out. Instead, we mostly donate books to reduce the total number we have in the house. But there are some I’d like to get without having to shell out 10 bucks or more. I just have to list some books now.

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