Organized Mom on August 21st, 2009

I leave on Sunday to go see family. I’m taking my son to see his grandparents. Should be a fun time for all! But the prep is tough sometimes. Two days to go and I need to do some laundry (and we don’t have our own w/d in our condo, which makes planning that much harder), get work for Sunday done ahead of time, and oh yes, PACK!

There always seems to be so much to do before a trip. Fortunately, I don’t have to take a lot of toiletries and things like that. But I do need enough diapers until we can buy more, milk for on the planes and in the airport, and the car seat.

It feels a little overwhelming. I’m trying to combat that by making a checklist of things I’ll need. And try not to over pack. I worry about keeping my son entertained on the plane. He’s at that point where he’s getting pretty willful. And I don’t know how he’ll do with being confined to my lap.

Not to mention getting through security while trying to keep him from running away. *sigh*

See? Overwhelmed.

But, like I said, the checklist helps. I can tick things off of the list while I’m packing. And then, I can use the same list to pack for the return trip, which should help minimize leaving something behind.

So wish me luck! And lots of friendly people.

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