Organized Mom on November 19th, 2008

wfmw.jpg I’m sure the more experienced moms have a ton more ideas for things like this than I do. But it’s still fun to come up with inexpensive things that work for our family.

This item isn’t necessarily something that will help keep you organized. But what it can do is keep the baby occupied long enough that you can get a little something done. And five or ten minutes can be all we need to sweep, vacuum a small section of floor, or pick up toys, right?

I have these very small plastic storage containers that aren’t good for much but little snacks. Tiny crackers, olives, things like that. My baby isn’t to the point where he can open these containers, so whatever I give him stays in the container.

I fill it part way with something like goldfish-style crackers or rice. It makes a nice rattling noise, so he can shake it and hear the cool sounds. It’s clear, so he can see the items moving around in it. I thought about filling it with dry beans, but if he does ever get it open, I don’t want him putting the beans in his mouth. The crackers he can eat, and the rice is small enough it shouldn’t cause a problem.

The container is small enough for him to grip and shake it (he’s just a hair under 1 year old). He turns it over and over and looks at it, too. It’s a simple, inexpensive toy that keeps him occupied long enough for me to write a short post. And that works for me!

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