Organized Mom on October 2nd, 2008

Pencalendar-SmI love electronic calendars. They can send reminders to me via email or text message. They’re fairly easy to set up. Most of them are free. And it’s simple to put in recurring dates like appointments, birthdays, and anniversaries.

But I still use a small weekly planner that I can get at Barnes & Noble.

There are some fabulous mom organizers out there that I hope to review at some point. With only one child at home, though, I don’t find a need for a more elaborate calendar. Yet.

If my projects increase, and the child’s activities increase, then I may need something more robust. But right now it contains everything I need. It can get a little messy when I have a bunch of things going on in a week, with changes and cancelations. Overall, though, it’s simple.

So why paper?

I’m tactile. I like to write down my appointments. It (sorta/ mostly/ sometimes) helps me remember things a little better. It’s much easier to carry everywhere than a laptop is. It’s less complicated than a Palm Pilot or Treo or Blackberry. And I don’t have to remember to charge its batteries.

It’s not fancy, but I can see my week at a glance. I can take it to the doctor’s office and make my future appointments. Same thing at the dentist. Hairdresser. School.

If a friend wants to get together, or I need to meet a client, I can just open it to the right page and look. No scrolling through things, opening a program, or booting up something. If I drop it, it doesn’t break. It only goes out of style every 18 months, and I can replace it at a reasonable cost.

Lots of columns for people and activities, meal planners, and other sections would be nice. But I probably wouldn’t use them anyway. I have good intentions, but it’s more complicated than I need or want right now.

So I use my cute little weekly calendar. It fits in my purse or diaper bag. It works for me. For now. And it’s inexpensive enough that if I want to change it, I can anytime without feeling like I have to stick to something because of its original/ startup costs.

Do you use a paper calendar? Planner? Do you prefer electronic? What mom organizers do you like? What’s currently working for you?


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