Organized Mom on October 28th, 2008

Whiteboard-SmThere are many ways to keep track of your family schedule and we’ll eventually cover several. One of the first – and easiest – is a whiteboard.

A whiteboard, located in a central area, can be a great place to keep track of everyone’s activities. And you can arrange it a variety of ways.

You can list items by family member. Put the coming week’s schedule by person, so you know where everyone is going to be at any point of the week. You can see that this week your son has soccer, followed by a playdate, followed by a big school project. You’ll easily notice that your daughter’s ballet is one night, with a sleepover two nights later.

Listing things by person can be great for seeing each person’s week at a glance. But you can still overschedule yourself by putting things too close together.

In contrast, if you write things down by the day of the week, you can immediately see how your day is shaping up. How many errands do you have that day? How much chauffeuring will you have to do? At least if you write things down by time you’ll know when your schedule is clear. But you’ll have to stop and look closely to see whose activity is when.

Your system can be as simple or as complex as you’d like. You can just write down the day of the week and then list all of the activities, noting whose they are and what time they occur. Or you can color code by family member.

Just make sure that if you color code or do something else a little more complicated, it’s easy to follow. If you make it difficult, you’ll stop using it after a few days or weeks.

Make it easy to use, and write everything down. If you consistently keep track of activities you’ll be less likely to double-book. You can check it in the morning to make sure everyone has what they need for the day.

Of course, it still probably won’t eliminate reminding your family what they need to do. We’re not sure if any calendar or schedule can help with that. :)


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