Organized Mom on September 24th, 2008

luggage-sm.jpgI like my routines. I think I need them. It’s one thing that helps me feel in control when things are crazy. But when you travel, there’s no such thing as routine.

Travel throws off my organizing routines, too. Mail lies unopened. Emails can go unanswered (spotty internet access, and all that jazz).

But the main thing that gets me is things aren’t in their ‘place’. I like to put items in the same spot each time. It helps my poor memory. If I move things around too much I forget where they are supposed to be. When you can’t put your hands on something, you waste time looking, right?

(And yes, this is especially hard with children around – do they ever put things back where they got them?)

Happens to me a lot in hotels. Where’d I put that notebook? What happened to that report – it was right here!

Most hotels have the same type of setup, so it’s not too hard to work up a ritual/routine for keeping yourself organized during travel. I try to put my things in similar places each time, so it feels like some bit of normalcy.

You can use the same ideas when you’re traveling for a family vacation instead of work. If you put everything in the same place each time you’ll be less likely to leave something behind in the hotel. Because if you forget Jimmy’s favorite stuffed animal, you won’t hear the end of it until you go back and look, right?

What’s your favorite way to stay organized when you’re on the road?

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